February 2023

Thank you so much. I am thrilled by the amount of information you have found. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. 

June 2022 A.M.

Alison has been amazing. She found the exact newspaper articles I’d been looking for, despite the fact that one of them could have been any time in a time span of over a year, and then went above and beyond and supplied additional articles in the same series. These articles filled in huge blanks in one of my ancestor’s life stories, and clarified some misconceptions by way of contemporaneous accounts. She is easy to communicate with, and responded quickly and clearly. I’m very grateful.

February 2021 A.L.M.

I was so excited to receive my grandmothers birth record! I cannot believe you were able to locate it after I had searched for so long. Thank you so much!!

November 2019 P.D.

I wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me yesterday.  It was exciting seeing County Sligo on my great grandmother’s death certificate.  

September 2019 J.J.

Thank you so much Alison!  I really didn’t expect you to do all that work. I appreciate your help very much and this info was very helpful.

April 2019 J.T.

Thanks so much for this research.  It is so helpful.  So much checking that we would have difficulty doing for ourselves. 

March 2019 J.K.

Thank you so much for this information and taking the time to talk with me.

May 2018 K.M.

I was born and brought up in Connecticut and then moved to the west coast.  I have a multitude of relatives that lived and died in Connecticut. I have been doing genealogy research for many years and Alison has been such a great help in finding obituaries for so many of my relatives.  I really appreciate the time and effort she has spent trying to help me.

April 2018 – L.P.

Alison was a big inspiration and help when I decided I wanted to learn more about my ancestry. She helped me to discover my family roots and taught me how to find pieces to my puzzle . Alison shared the tricks of the trade and guided me in my research. I was able to learn new things of my ancestry I would never have imagined. Who knew I could trace my family as far back as early 1400 England and learn one family member is verified to be a member of Royal Nobility! The were some other surprises too. If you are interested in discovering your family history I highly recommend Alison as your genealogist. She will help you discover things you never knew as you work together to piece together the clues to complete your puzzle.

December 2017 – C.S.

You did an awesome job!! We all love it!!

May 2017 – M.R.

This is WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much.  I never expected you to find so much ancestry information. 

November 2016 – G.A.

I highly recommend Alison and her work. She is thorough and efficient and delivers a wonderful product. My family was very pleased to see all of the documents that were provided as well.