• Professional Genealogy Services
  • Family History
  • Research Probate Records
  • Forensic Genealogy

Why use a professional?

A professional genealogist ensures you are provided with the expertise and professionalism needed to assist you in your search. Even people who prefer to do their own research, will sometimes encounter a brick wall in their search that a professional may be able to assist in solving. I have over 40 years of experience researching genealogy including:

  • Family history
  • Land records
  • Probate and estate records

Before your consultation

Think carefully about what the question is that you are looking to answer. Your ancestor’s story includes more than names and dates. They led real lives and had real experiences. You may discover some interesting facts about them. Research can become quite extensive if your focus is not narrowed down. It is often best to start with a specific question about a specific person or family.

Getting started

Always start with what you know. What have you been told and who told you the information or what is the source of your information? This will provide the researcher with a starting point that will likely save time and effort and ultimately money for the project. Record whatever information you have. Include it in your consultation. A professional genealogist will use this information to learn your family. This additionally ensures that research hours are not wasted on information you already have.

Initial Consultation

Initial consultations are completed in person, on the phone or via email. Consultations may take up to an hour and are not billed.

Subsequent research fees

Research rates are $35.00 per hour and include investigation into your research question and a formal written report. The report provided to you will include any information found related to your question. The report will also include source information and future research suggestions.


Payment is due after a contract agreement has been reached and may be made via PayPal.