Frequently Asked Questions

Is a required minimum payment?

There is no minimum charge or amount of hours. A request may be completed quickly, such as obituary look-ups or vital record checks. Projects start with a request regarding a specific question or issue. This typically takes 2-4 hours or possibly more and includes the research and writing the report. A full family history is more involved and is partially dependent on information you are able to provide and partially dependent on the availability of records. During your initial consultation, you will receive an estimate of the amount of research that will likely be required. You are under no obligation to go further than your initial consultation.

What does the report contain?

Research Reports contain all information discovered relating to the project request. The report also includes all sources and images found.

Is there a guarantee?

You are guaranteed the services of a trained professional genealogist and that the time spent will not exceed the contracted arrangement. Results are provided in a formal report. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of a positive result in genealogical research. Records may be missing or destroyed or simply may not have been kept.

How long will it take to receive the report?

The length of time to produce a report depends on how many other projects are in the works. An estimate is provided before services are contracted. If the estimated time frame does not work for you, then there is no monetary layout.

Is payment required when no information is found?

Payment is required even if no information is found. Payment covers the time it takes to perform research and to write the report. At no time will the fee exceed the agreed upon hours.

What are the payment arrangements?

A payment of 50% of the contracted work is due before any research will begin. The remainder is due on receipt of the completed report. Payments are accepted via PayPal.