Testimonials of Genealogy Clients


May 2018 K.M.

I was born and brought up in Connecticut and then moved to the west coast.  I have a multitude of relatives that lived and died in Connecticut. I have been doing genealogy research for many years and Alison has been such a great help in finding obituaries for so many of my relatives.  I really appreciate the time and effort she has spent trying to help me.  

April 2018 - L.P.

Alison was a big inspiration and help when I decided I wanted to learn more about my ancestry. She helped me to discover my family roots and taught me how to find pieces to my puzzle . Alison shared the tricks of the trade and guided me  in my research. I was able to learn new things of my ancestry I would never have imagined. Who knew I could trace my family as far back as early  1400 England and learn  one family member is verified to be a member of Royal Nobility! The were some other surprises too. If you are interested in discovering your family history I highly recommend Alison as your genealogist. She will help you discover things you never knew as you work together to piece together the clues to complete your puzzle.  

December 2017 - C.S.

You did an awesome job!! We all love it!! 

May 2017 - M.R.

This is WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much.  I never expected you to find so much ancestry information. 

November 2016 - G.A.

I highly recommend Alison and her work.  She is thorough and efficient and delivers a wonderful product. My family was very pleased to see all of the documents that were provided as well.